Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy Mondays = Bleh!

Wow what a busy day I have had today and it was not fun. To start with our TV in the living area has dies. I have a sinking feeling in my stomache it may be the main bulb which means in extended warranty language "NOT COVERED" The repairer is coming to look at it on Wednesday and I'm scared. Now I can live without the TV most of the day but it is my saviour at witching hour (5pm) when The Wiggles becomes my knights in shining armour.

The next on the agenda for the day was to go to the bank to sort out some loan stuff and of course that didn't go to plan. Miss Hollie lay in the middle of the bank screeching in protest. Oh the joys of taking a toddler shopping.

On a more pleasant note I finished a couple more projects last week. One of my friends Leoni makes baby boxes for our mother groups latest additions and she picks a theme. This time it was a frog theme. So I made a embroidered frog nappy.


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